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Additional SP missions in N64 version of C&C?


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Hi, guys. Those who have d/l Nyerguds' 1.06 version of TD will find there are two N64 GDI Spec Ops missions & two N64 NOD Spec Ops missions extracted by Nyerguds from N64 version of TD.


But I found out that there were actually more Spec Ops missions from this walkthru:


GDI Spec Ops 71-74 missions & NOD Spec Ops 70 mission.



Is this real?

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Here. Have a list.



They're just test maps, though. Not missions. There's no briefings, no objectives, and no terrain height maps, so they're all just flat terrain. Heck, most of them don't even have win and lose triggers. And the few that do are just beefed up versions of campaign missions, with a bunch of units lined up for test purposes, and usually not a single change in the scripts compared to their originals. So, yeah... there's really no use in playing them.


But if you want to mess around with them and see what's in there... have fun.


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