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More players of red alert 1 to register on the tunggle and tunngle ladder!


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If anyone is a big fan of online red alert, do not like lag, and need a lobby usually full of red alert pros + a ladder system, i highly recommend you guys to join tunggle as through my experience, i believe it to be the best VPN i have ever gamed on. Why i prefer this over others (CNC-NET and ra3.03 online) is because,


1. It is more stable than both.

2. Cnc-Net has this problem where the farther you are from europe the laggier the game.


Me being in pakistan stops me from playing on Cnc-Net and ra3.03 is just a bit unreliable for me. One more thing, i wanted to ask if any1 is interested, maybe we could try Command and conquer Gold on tunngle. If that runs on a good speed then i would be able to call in some cnc gold ppl and start gaming with them as i am dying to do so :P. (btw ive played with ppl in germany while me being pakistani and still the game remains lagless. I have seen some cnc-net videos in which there is minor lag in matches between people living really close-by. That would not be experienced on tunngle). Anyways this is all i have to say, now it is all up to you guys. I've just put the choice up so that i might get some players to play against.


Hoping for some positive resoponses!

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If i wasnt pretty rubbish at RA1 i would play if it wasnt for that reason however i might be better than i think (the AI has cought me out before something the TS AI never did, then again the TS AI didnt lead a big string of units and tank across the map using steam roller tactics)


How do people play/what are they like online (if the sound allright ill give it a bash)


Edit Im not as bad as i thought i was having just won a 2vs1 (me being the 1) at school


If i have time i might play (Ive had a change of heart and also since im planning updating my other PC and RA is one of the only games i can play on this pc with out any catches)


BTW Tore would this not be better in the  "Red Alert series" Discussion

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