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Do you know a MixMaker except XCC Utilities which can delete the XCC databases .dat files in mixfiles created by XCC Mixer or which dont create damaging databases (.dat files) ??

I need another mixmaker than XCC Mixer or XCC Mix Editor!!


And of course a Downloadlink for it  :D

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XCC Mix Editor does the same it creates such damaging database.dat files which cant be removed by these editors.

And with damaging i mean when these databases are in the mixfile and you have put there a mission or multiplayermap, then the changes under the [basic] Section like the Theme-Command will be ignored -.-


And i mean a Mixmaker for RA, it is probably for MS-DOS!!!

Netrunner told me its name is maybe MixMaker v.2 or 3x for MS-DOS.


And wtf is Windows 2008??

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Is there any newer Version of this MixMaker??


This one can creates MIX Files but it does not seem to be able to edit the Mixfiles like put files into the mixfile or delete files in it.

Its only there to put in new missions.

XCC Mixer can much more.

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