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Old Yuri's Revenge "Mission" Map (Request)


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Seeing as this is my first post here at CnCNet, :yuri: let me start by saying "Hi". I used to play this game as a child, and my dad was big into downloading maps/mods for it back then. He has stumbled upon a, what I believe to be a mission mod/map. If my memory recalls correctly, you were the allies, and the mission started with all of your units coming onto a shore from water transportation vehicles. You had a semi-small area to build your base, and you had to eradicate a GIANT Yuri base that took up, essentially, the rest of the map. There was a crate that was always at the top of a hill to the north of your base (I remember this because I would start the map, and try to get a Yuri MCV as that made the map the easiest to actually play), and Yuri constantly used his genetic mutator on you. I this isn't a whole lot to go off of, but does this sound familiar to anyone? If so can you tell me the name of the map/mod, or link to a download for it? I have been dying to play this map again.


Thanks in advanced,



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Please give more infos about. Like the weather ,theater, like the size of map,rivers etc etc.  O_o

I probably played and replayed every mission map that it's to be found on the internet. Maybe i'l be helpfull.

Soo.. talk with your dad too for some hint's about the name of the map.


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Seems like "Fierce Intent" mission, where you begin with a Tanya and gis from a south shore. And as you have mentioned, reinforcements used to come from south, and genetic mutator had regularly been applied on your soldiers. Blowing the pyramid ladders up at your north position hill, will sometimes award you with a soviet or yuri mcv.

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