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I'm Confused on whats included here. I would like to play Red Alert 2.


1: Is this also able to be played online for free?

2: I would like to play this via lan here in my house with my son. Will one copy work for both computers?


I Thank you for your response.


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Please also see below.


Is the entire Command & Conquer series free to download?

Not all of them are. The only games that are officially freeware are:


C&C Tiberian Dawn (2007) - Source

C&C Red Alert (2008) - Source

C&C Tiberian Sun (2010) - Source


So, how does CnCNet support the games that aren't freeware?

CnCNet provides a ready to go installer for Tiberian Dawn, Red Alert, and Tiberian Sun. The games have been updated to work with the latest operating systems and builds in order for you to get on your way to playing online.


For the games that aren't freeware, CnCNet provides installers which only include the CnCNet developed components required for you to play online. They're designed to look for your game directory and extract the components necessary for multiplayer, as well as applying compatibility fixes in order for you to play with modern day systems.


In order for you to play games such as Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge, you will need to already own a copy of the game for it to work.


Is CnCNet linked to EA Games?

CnCNet is not linked to EA, and has no official affiliation with Electronic Arts.


Is CnCNet free?

CnCNet is completely free to use, and open source as well. CnCNet is financed by donations kindly contributed by the community.


C&C Ultimate Collection - does it work with CnCNet?

Yes - the C&C Ultimate Collection works with CnCNet. The CnCNet installers will automatically find your game installation, whether it's the C&C Ultimate Collection, The First Decade, or an old CD install you have.


The C&C Ultimate Collection is available to purchase on EA Origin's store. If it's too expensive, you could go through a third party like CD-Keys and purchase a download code to redeem on Origin -



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TD Freeware announcement:

RA1 freeware announcement:

TS freeware announcement:


Here's the archived official EA downloads page of the freeware C&C games:


(oh wow, I'm thanked at the bottom of that page! Never noticed  :laugh:)

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