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Kicking still doesn't auto unlock the room


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Been back after a long MIA and being busy, see many client improvements have been made, nice!


One thing that bothered me a lot is when you kick someone the room doesn't auto unlock. Many times I stare at screen to only notice 10 minutes later that the room is still locked.


I wonder if its hard or difficult to make kicking auto unlock the room.



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I actually like it as is. Many times I make a room with 8 slots for a 2v2 map so I don't have to remake it if I want to play on bigger maps later on, and when too many join too fast I must kick them if they don't leave after being asked to and refuse to at least spec. If the lobby auto-unlocked I would have to always lock again, but in that short timeframe someone might join (happens more than you'd expect). So as is is beneficial in a lot of cases, and the other way would be worse than as it is now. And let's face it, one more tickable stuff would make room creation even more cluttered than is right now...


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