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Title - A new selection of training maps


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Hello ladies and gents,


I have read through a few of Grants ideas about making some new player tutorial maps, quite like Q master in their implementation. (Ie; it would be nice to add the text on the chat area for hints or tips.)(even W,E,R too)

So, first things first, I need your help, and will do anything I can. But we know there are problems, firstly, is this ally tutorial map MP or single player?  Since the ai limitations are different I'll try and explain the first one, now called * AllyIntro * .


So new player starts the game, he spawns in as Mcv, in a 104 x 32 parallell map. The shroud is there, or not (reveal can be a trigger ofc) . I was thinking of having him scout for his ally (comp) or even better the comp tries to scout him too, (too difficult?), anyway, he finds the comp, allies, and then they both beat an easy enemy. thats it. i had some crazy ideas of having tanyas run in at start and blowup some buildings to reveal cncnet text before begin, but idk lol.


So thats the first map, there are four intros, ally intro, walking/crawling, crawl defence, tanking (Q). but i think this first is a good start.

So ive tried to make this map for a looong time, about a day all in. but like ive read, im having trouble with the ai building, deploying, and ive tried all the usual autocreate, iq, house, elapsed time, prebuild etc, and absolutely zilch. i put cell triggers on one map i tried, but tbh that isn't needed for a new player, and have since read that cell doesnt work on MP. I managed to make the mcv's deploy, but they do nothing even tho ive added ore to havest etc. I also cant seem to find anything on what is the difference between adding structures or base(s) . one has the ability to attach to a team, while the other doesn't. and even after linking structures to a country, they do nothing. I'm hoping this will become something people can practice on, for instance, shift shooting teslas versus an underpowered enemy tesla walk would be invaluable to new players.... all and any help greatly welcomed, thanks...  First would be to define what this map type is? single player, multi or campaign, and what are the limits of that type?


looking forward to get started, thanks again :D

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Very cool idea, I wanted to do something similar longer time ago but it never happened :D


You can use all single player triggers in multiplayer maps too, you need to add the following key to the map:




you will also have to add "Winner is.." triggers to such maps since the game doesn't end when all units died, it just works like it does in missions


The human player is always "multi1" in a 1 player map, the first AI player would be "multi2". But in your case you should't use the multi houses for AI players since they probably would start building like a normal ai in a random map. Use the other houses like "germany" for ai players and add scripting to let them do what you want

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Thanks for the reply :) 


Yeah im really excited about trying this out !

I havn't done ai before, so its proper tricky, was thinking of adding some if switches should power and ore/ore and cv taken out etc, teach some rushing tactics aswell.

but tbh i cant get to grips with the easy stuff, i want it to be exactly like ya say, single player mission, can ya tell me how to add single player script to make it a one player load like q master? when u say player is multi1, how do i attach to my mcv, i tried multi1 and i spawned other side of map near enemy? tbh i think im too unskilled to try this, but im reading everything i can find. can't find a simple 'how to make a ai map tut' and there are loads of great modders here who are wayyy to technical for me yet.


a step by step from map selection to 2 ai, one ally and one enemy deploying is all i need, i can mess on the rest then, once they're living :D


thanks for the quick reply, you're a hero :D

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Okay, so have spend a lont ime trying to fix this. i have six maps all different tying to solve this map. I'll persevere.


For the ally intro map, im stuck trying to open an mpr with wordpad/notepad, or even converting to ini . i think i could request a tutorial for the benefit of the forums.

Thats the update, lol, nothing.... was even messing around trying to get the tanya boom buildings intro, but yet again, nothing ^^ so there ya go, wasnt that fun to read :D

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okay, so I was reverse engineering q master for fun, and got a load of tanyas to spawn and got to waypoint in the hope they would blow up some cys for the intro, but the wouldnt c4, and only attacked the cys with guns, i tried changing their primaries to c4, to no avail. but was some progress :D waheyyy

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Hey dudes, sorry still need alot of help....


Can i just add waypoints for the Ai in the text folder? Like can i add waypoint 6 for England (Ai enemy) and have him spawn at 6, and then add autocreate?

i feel i need, like ,three lines of guidance, im missing something, please help...

im still not even sure how it should be... a select build for England, or autocreate... ive tried laying buildings(and bases) with numbers etc for build order, but neither is working, i also dont have the option to 'open with' on my allyaaaa.mpr , red alert 1 , any tips please ?

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