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Unable to close off match, "unoptimal resolution" message covering Continue button


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Situation: Running RA2 on Windows 10, using TS-DDRAW

After every match, you get to see the K/D screen. Upon using TS-DDRAW, the resolution is briefly set to 600p during this moment. Windows 10 typically responds by notifying the user that this resolution isn't the optimal one, covering the Continue button in the lower-right region of the screen. Clicking anywhere in this region tabs the user out of the game. This renders the screen impossible to quit, forcing the user to exit the game screen by other means, such as a force-close, even an Alt-F4 will do.

I don't see this as a bug, but a misfortune. I suggest replacing this screen with a static image shown on the native desktop environment, which the players usually set to their native monitor resolution - thus avoiding this issue.

My apologies if I didn't format my issue properly, this is my first time using this forum.

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