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For the soundtracks shuffle should be set as default.


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I say on the next game update shuffle should be set as the default, for the benefit of the ra2/yr community. Grinder used to be my favorite Ra2 track, but I've gotten tired of listening to it at every game start. I set the shuffle option under the soundtrack menu and now i get a different tune everytime. Grant, don't let grinder be so overplayed in the minds of many here on YR. Otherwise grinder will be grinded out of existence.



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I tried that on C&C1... turned out the music was disabled in C&C1 multiplay not because of slow CD reading, but because the game stupidly uses the same generated random range for both music and determining ingame actions. So using shuffle uses up random values meant for the game, and desyncs the whole thing :(

I'm fairly sure this is no longer an issue on RA2 though, lol. It's a great suggestion :)

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