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Dynamic 3v3 Maps


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ill preface by saying that 3v3 is my favorite way of playing yuris, so dont get me wrong here, im all about it. 


However, the map selection essentially creates similar circumstances every game: one side of the map making superweapons vs the other side of the map making superweapons. While i do enjoy these types of games, i do believe there are other types of games that are being missed out on do to all the maps having the same  topological concept that favors one strategy. 

Any map makers out there capable of making some 3v3 maps that function oppositely to this? That is to say, maps where the spawns dont matter, it isnt lvr or tvb, its just madness, but sexy madness, a more 'open' and attack-friendly layout with splits and the sorts. Thoughts? 

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Doesn't that defeat the point of a 3on3? If you can spawn anywhere then it's just a random attack on whomever you are near.

A proper 3on3 should be lvr or tvb or with some sort of continuity. 

Perhaps playing 3on3 without supers? LvR on Heck Freezes over when you take out the lame spots (8,5) is pretty good. 

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