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  1. It's highly defendable, nothing broken about it-- it's just cheesy. Cheesy in the same way that selling mcv on 1 miner all in rush is cheesy, or sealIFV rush is cheesy. There is a luck factor if you are successful and there is potential to 'ruin' a game in a few short minutes. Objectively, if you were serious about winning, this is what is attractive about these things, as Andy points out. However, the game is old and does not have a serious competitive scene. Many of the good players have been playing for a long time and have developed a sort of chivalry with the cheese tactics and simply desire a quality game with another quality player, and while can defend against such things, they perceive engi rush as 'bad manners' for they sake of having a gg.
  2. Indubitably. some serious name dropping here my man. I mean, it was believed by some that Kane was in fact just a myth created to scare noobs.... 20 YEARS AGO. So at this point I think we can say he's officially beyond the limits of mere players, "best ever" or otherwise. He's actual, full-blown noob-scaring MYTH status now bruh.
  3. as sov you either -go straight iron curtain -pump wars and split rhinos - one big attack at the right place at the right time (i,e, near there miners or mcv right after they teched but before BF is loaded and in position)
  4. Its a great argument / example of the point of this topic as it represents the problem with yuri in a nutshell, and happens frequently enough. Think about what goes into a successful deso bomb on mirage... You have to put 5 of them in the flak, micro the flak at the right time at the right place, avoid seals, rockets, etc and even still he can micro away, bomb it with planes etc. Theres thinking, tactics, timing, strategy, micro etc. And you dont steal them, you just kill them. Is it a bit lopsidded? Sure... but.... Now think about the pschic dominator. You just click a single time. There is no "warning, phschic dominator actived" like for the other superweapons. The base blows up and you STEAL his units. All with a single click. This is a degree of lopsiddedness to a degree in no other RTS ever bruh. How is it so difficult to see this l0l
  5. you can blow up enemy base + capture their entire army with a single click? lul
  6. Missing the point fellas. Its not about being able to fight or win against yuri. Its about the type of gameplay that yuri creates. Theres much less skill involved in winning with OR winning against yuri. Plain and simple.
  7. This post summarizes the problem perfectly. As you describe, things like "yuri shenaningans" and battle fortress absolutely kill casual play because there is no reason to do anything else--the gameplay is boring and redundant-- and lets face it, the units are gay af! You sit with bf, I sit with bf, you sit with bf, I sit with bf... you see where im going with this. Interestingly, this is the exact thing that kills competitive play as well! You can not be creative or try new things or even be very aggressive or try anything skillful because really what u should be doing is teching ASAP to get those, as I personally would describe, "super gay" units that make everything else irrelevant. Which results in, I sit with mirage bf, you sit with MM mag, I sit with mirage bf, you sit with MM mag. While this patch is very well thought out, theres no way to truly fix the problem by tweaking the numbers. Yuris units are just too.... unengagable. You would have to change their function altogether imo.
  8. Very nice boys. Hope to see more from you. only suggestion: If im not mistaken, it looks like you made the central lakes have rocks to block naval placement? Boys, boys booyyyys! Keep the naval option, it will be the difference between just another TOE and motha fukin' woodland plains 😏
  9. Interesting that the percentages are 70-30 and 50-50 when both polls address the same fundamental question 🤨🤔 Interesting that the main yuri player nowadays only thinks yuri is boring and bullshitty when he has to play against yuri himself... and then suggest pro games both players could go yuri… 🤨 Logic like this explains why the same poll question asked twice can yield different results, why players pick yuri in the first place, and why Donald Trump is president of the US.
  10. simplest solution would be to allow custom games to be ranked. You could have the option to not play yuris or put on the rebalance patch. This should be a thing regardless of weather or not yuri is removed from imo u said in past that you hate YvY and it is luck-based, now ur saying players would go YvY in professional competition? SvS is the most skill-intensive way of playing yuris revenge by far. When you pick yuri, most of the skill is removed and replaced by unicorns and vampires.
  11. these 3 are realistic goals for this year imo: -#3 clan system seems both most important and easiest to implement. And nowhere is it written that you don't need to be a competitive player to be part of a clan -#2 custom ranked games. Would boost activity for sure. -#6 (ra2 ladder) this would boost activity as well. Ra2 mode has already been implemented successfully into the client so why not? all 3 are closely related in the sense that they require custom games to be ranked. So minimal work is required. Adding additional qm features or patch updates is too much imo
  12. This pretty much sums up the imbalance / gayness of yuri perfectly. Even if you get far enough ahead by doing everything right and outplaying him early on--generally enough to win an allied or soviet opponent in 5 minutes-- you still need invulnerability and nuclear missiles to win l0l. On a more positive note, i recommend france vs yuri, althought i havnt tried it much, so maybe its terrible. But on paper it sounds like a hard matchup for yuri.
  13. best way to beat yuri is host a custom game and turn on yuri-balance patch.
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