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  1. Lucifer

    [2-6] Woodland plains - Updated 3.2.2019

    Very nice boys. Hope to see more from you. only suggestion: If im not mistaken, it looks like you made the central lakes have rocks to block naval placement? Boys, boys booyyyys! Keep the naval option, it will be the difference between just another TOE and motha fukin' woodland plains 😏
  2. Lucifer

    yuri in competitive games?

    Interesting that the percentages are 70-30 and 50-50 when both polls address the same fundamental question 🤨🤔 Interesting that the main yuri player nowadays only thinks yuri is boring and bullshitty when he has to play against yuri himself... and then suggest pro games both players could go yuri… 🤨 Logic like this explains why the same poll question asked twice can yield different results, why players pick yuri in the first place, and why Donald Trump is president of the US.
  3. Lucifer

    yuri in competitive games?

    simplest solution would be to allow custom games to be ranked. You could have the option to not play yuris or put on the rebalance patch. This should be a thing regardless of weather or not yuri is removed from imo u said in past that you hate YvY and it is luck-based, now ur saying players would go YvY in professional competition? SvS is the most skill-intensive way of playing yuris revenge by far. When you pick yuri, most of the skill is removed and replaced by unicorns and vampires.
  4. Lucifer

    yuri in competitive games?

    Lets get a consensus.
  5. Lucifer

    Top 10 Things CNCNET YR needs

    these 3 are realistic goals for this year imo: -#3 clan system seems both most important and easiest to implement. And nowhere is it written that you don't need to be a competitive player to be part of a clan -#2 custom ranked games. Would boost activity for sure. -#6 (ra2 ladder) this would boost activity as well. Ra2 mode has already been implemented successfully into the client so why not? all 3 are closely related in the sense that they require custom games to be ranked. So minimal work is required. Adding additional qm features or patch updates is too much imo
  6. Lucifer

    How to beat yuri?

    This pretty much sums up the imbalance / gayness of yuri perfectly. Even if you get far enough ahead by doing everything right and outplaying him early on--generally enough to win an allied or soviet opponent in 5 minutes-- you still need invulnerability and nuclear missiles to win l0l. On a more positive note, i recommend france vs yuri, althought i havnt tried it much, so maybe its terrible. But on paper it sounds like a hard matchup for yuri.
  7. Lucifer

    How to beat yuri?

    best way to beat yuri is host a custom game and turn on yuri-balance patch.
  8. Lucifer

    Yuri Rebalance Patch (Community) Changelog

    In ra2 I would put america as a 9/10, korea a 8-9/10....but its not due to GGis, its due to the rocketeer count being lower cuz ur spending money on a different type of air unit ironically making ur self fall behind in air (rocketeer#s is all that matters in AvA) and also falling behind on ground cuz u don't have endless free units. Also rocketeers are exactly what you want vs planes. But in YR, this aspect remains the same and is only amplified by GGis.... In AvS the flak tracks are 3-4.5x more effective (ive done the math), you have a forceshield to save you from key bombing timings, siege choppers are additional anti air units, and Gis do way more damage. So I would put America as a 9/10 and korea as a 5/10 in YR. Korea would need a decent buff to be legit imo. (in YR)
  9. Lucifer

    Yuri Rebalance Patch (Community) Changelog

    Agreed. Input should be collected from all, especially the experienced players. However, someone we can trust would need to be in charge of the official calls. Prep seems like the perfect candidate to me. Thoughts on that? Ill start a forum on the topic to see how its received, might be alot of flame though.... But i mean, what would it take to get the green light from the admins for such a project? The korea-america thing is interesting and relevant to this topic. America has planes too... which can also double shot. Its not so much America's OP paradrop that makes them better as much as it is Korea's lackthereof that makes them worse 😛
  10. Lucifer

    Yuri Rebalance Patch (Community) Changelog

    I agree Yuri's OPness is exaggerated-- minor changes would make a giant difference for the better, if and only if the changes were correct. My suggestion is to stop thinking about it as if there are only 3 factions, allieds, sov and yuri. A certain buff could be entirely unique to say, germany, for example. A cheap Harrier 850 credits perhaps? --Each team would have unique buff(s) (nothing major like new units, that's unrealistic) to make balance between factions better, more identity to each team, and perhaps, in the process of these buffs being intelligently implemented in a simple manner, balance yuri without even touching him. And for the record, korea is nowhere close to America in YR imo, but about the same in ra2. =p
  11. Lucifer

    Yuri Rebalance Patch (Community) Changelog

    As it stands, the only truly viable teams are America, Yuri and Iraq ---Nor do any of the allied or sov factions have any identity other than 1 unit difference. Forget yuri… the game itself is not balanced at all. Imagine logging on and seriously thinking to yourself... alright, what team should I pick? Eventually, after much consideration, you, in all seriousness, pick germany cuz they are now as legit af! Its been 20 years, boiiiiyyys! . Its time for some change.
  12. Lucifer

    Yuri Rebalance Patch (Community) Changelog

    Firstly, Martin deserves the utmost respect for his efforts to give this game the boost it really needs. On the changes themselves... they are all the right direction imo. However, I doubt the final balancing of yuri will consist entirely of changes to yuri-- both allied and soviet could use some changes as well. And as mentioned, some special units like the tesla tank certainly could use a (rather gigantic) buff. Martin has also been working on this as well, which again, he deserves respect for. Now ofc you don't wanna get ahead of yourself... the original integrity of the game must be maintained... but that doesn't mean changes cant enhance the experience. For example, Warcrafat III just had 3 -- count them -- 3 -- patch updates just this year and that game is almost as old as YR. The community doesn't whine at each other, rather, they work together to make changes that make the game both more fun and more competitive for everyone. YR/ra2 is 15+years overdue for an official patch update.
  13. Lucifer

    Let's get some Ladder Talk Going

    Simplest solution would be to remove yuri from QM...but you cant have yuris revenge without yuri.... So how bout if you choose yuri the game will be unranked? Or you are not eligible to win points but ur opponent is etc. Something like that? Also, laming could easily be fixed as well. Just have the no dog engineer kills + the multi engineer options turned on.
  14. Lucifer

    Who is the best player ever?

    He was playing like once every 3 months and was still about as good as me or you when we were practically no-lifing it lmfao. (and we were ~ "the best" 2v2ers at the time) Sam really was that good I don't believe Vwwwwww speaks random noob, brah
  15. Lucifer

    Who is the best player ever?

    it was for YEARS too, man! It was very clear that he was miles ahead of whoever rank 2 fluctuated between. "Mr rank 1" ffs! Not just that... it was the way in which he won. Cant explain it, sadly. Gotta experience that shit first-hand. In terms of biggest skill gap/longest reign Tomi is the best of all time. In terms of playtime-absolute skill ratio, id say sammo is the best ever. In terms of absolute skill id say marko is the best player ever. You could try to also make a case for moon3, but I think it fails. Again, it would take 10 pages to explain why. tomi and marko for 1v1 sammo for 2v2 I just put more weight on 2v2 cuz ive always viewed it as the "true competitive format" for this game.