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  1. Lucifer

    Who is the best player ever?

    He was playing like once every 3 months and was still about as good as me or you when we were practically no-lifing it lmfao. (and we were ~ "the best" 2v2ers at the time) Sam really was that good I don't believe Vwwwwww speaks random noob, brah
  2. Lucifer

    Who is the best player ever?

    it was for YEARS too, man! It was very clear that he was miles ahead of whoever rank 2 fluctuated between. "Mr rank 1" ffs! Not just that... it was the way in which he won. Cant explain it, sadly. Gotta experience that shit first-hand. In terms of biggest skill gap/longest reign Tomi is the best of all time. In terms of playtime-absolute skill ratio, id say sammo is the best ever. In terms of absolute skill id say marko is the best player ever. You could try to also make a case for moon3, but I think it fails. Again, it would take 10 pages to explain why. tomi and marko for 1v1 sammo for 2v2 I just put more weight on 2v2 cuz ive always viewed it as the "true competitive format" for this game.
  3. Lucifer

    Who is the best player ever?

    ill dispel some of the misinformation on this topic --sunny is a 20-0 for any of the real-deals. He's actually a typical, standard, every day scrubberdubbery. --moon3 isn't that good. Explaining why is beyond the scope of this forum. now there's a real name ma' boysss. If you have never played vs sammo in a 2v2 ranked game then you are not eligible to have an opinion worth dickery-dippin-shit on this subject l0l
  4. Lucifer

    Who is the best player ever?

    Vwwwwwww is the goat
  5. Lucifer

    Rhino and Grizzly question.

    o rly
  6. Lucifer

    Rhino and Grizzly question.

    Have the rhinos maintain distance in a tight formation up front , like a phalanx. Have the grizzlies somewhere else flying around looking for opportunities to flank in order to break up the formation when its distracted, like cavalry.. in this case light cavalry.
  7. plz enlighten us what ur well-versed, unbiased, highly critical analysis of their gameplay has revealed. Details plz :)
  8. You're saying yuri isn't OP. ...Then ur saying you got rank 4 with allies, but rank --- 1 --- with yuri. ...Even though ur rusty and most of your experience was as allies. Data doesn't support the hypothesis very well, does it mr. Ando ?
  9. Winning as Germany from the top position of LBL with meat grinder settings against Iraq is DOABLE. Doesn't mean its fair. Speaking of Germany, marko won rank 1 as Germany in Jan 2008. omegalul .... Its DOABLE boys!
  10. when latof, an ra2 player with the skill level to actually achieve rank 1 on the ladder, (unlike the names on this list) came over for a month he tried yuri for fun and got rank 1 with them...despite lacking the experience or care. He lost like 4 games the entire month and then when back to ra2. when tomi first started playing YR, and his legendary rampage of "Mr. Rank 1" begun, it do so as Yuri. He concluded it was "stupidly OP" compared to the other factions and then changed to soviet. That being said, I will admit that when I tried yuri a bit in qm, I got owned-- and i mean OWNED. Sucked donkey dick with them. So if your point is that there is a learning curve and yuri requires his own distinct art for mastery, then yeah, ill accept that argument. But to suggest, when mastered, that he isn't totally OP AF, I must call bullshit. He can turn an enemy army into his own with a single CLICK dawg. lul
  11. Lucifer

    Give a Tip to a New Player on CNCNet

    make miners before you think about doing anything else ... then make more miners
  12. Lucifer

    CnCNet Map Pack II Released

    doiiiiunng ....boner sexy ass maps
  13. Lucifer

    Zhasulan vs max (Ali)

    hh nice joke. I received ALOT of heat for that horribly played game =D .... still am years later apparently l0l.
  14. Lucifer

    Zhasulan vs max (Ali)

    at least Z is keeping it interesting around here. Don't think any1 else can say that.
  15. Lucifer

    *New Map* Tournament Players

    Each base starts with 10-20 garrisons for protection down a narrow little slit while the ore-mining is tucked all the way in the back, leaving competitive players absolutely nothing to do with their skill or knowledge. The only thing you can do is hope your dogs do better than his dogs and you win the center....where all the money is for some reason located. It looks specifically designed for players new to video gaming who are on touchpad (because they don't own a mouse)