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Red Alert 2 Cash Ladder Tournament PLUS, WIN BIG!

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Celebrate Red Alert 2's 10th Anniversary and Win Cash Prizes in the...



RA2 Cash Ladder Tournament PLUS!


Finish in the top 48 on the RA2 Ladder during the month of October.


Elite League (Rank 1-16)

Pro League (Rank 17-32)

Expert League (Rank 33-48)


Note: If you have multiple nicknames, your highest rank will be used.


What are the rules?

During the qualifying month, you must abide by the XWIS rules only. During the tournament itself, you must abide by the XWIS rules AND you cannot 'engi' or 'alt' your opponent. It will be best of 3 for each match-up and best of 5 when playing for the top 3 positions(except for the Expert League which is top 2 only). Game settings will be similar to RA2 QM:


Short Game = ON

MCV Repacks = ON

Crates Appear = OFF

Super Weapons = (to be decided by the 2 players. If the 2 players can't agree with each other then SW = ON)

Credits = 10 000

Unit Count = 0



What's the Map Pool and who gets to choose?

The player with the lower rank chooses the 1st map. The rest of the maps are chosen by the loser of the previous match. You can choose any map from the RA2 QM Map Pool (including optional maps). Depth Charge, Alaskan Oil Spill, Bull Run, Killer Instinct and River Rampage will only be Mirror-Matches (ie. both players must be using the same faction). You can only choose each map ONCE throughout the tournament.



The qualifying month will be in October and the tournament itself will be in November.


But I don't play ranked games, can I still participate?

Yes. During the month of October, Strike-Team will also be running the...



One-Map-Maniac Mini Tournaments!

These mini tournaments will each be played on 1 specific RA2 map:


Country Swing

Hammer and Sickle

Official Tournament Map B

Heck RvR


8 players will battle it out on each map on a 1-win-elimination basis. That's right, win ONCE and you're through to the next round, loose ONCE and you're eliminated.

When is each Mini Tournament going to be held?


Country Swing - Sunday 9th of October

Hammer and Sickle - Sunday 16th of October

Official Tournament Map B - Sunday 23rd October

Heck RvR - Sunday 30th of October


What time and place?

7pm BST in Korean Bunker 2


How do I enter?

The first 8 people to register for each map will be entered. So you better be quick! 5 reserves will also be required for each mini tournament incase 1 or more registered players become unavailable.


To make it fair for everyone, you may only enter in 1 tournament. So if you end up in the top 48 of the RA2 Ladder and decide that you want to compete in the RA2 Cash Ladder Tournament PLUS, you may not enter the One-Map-Maniac Tournament, and vice-versa. Also, you may only enter in 1 of the 4 mini tournaments.


What are the prizes?


Elite League (rank 1-16):

1st Place - 200 euros

2nd Place - 100 euros

3rd Place - 50 euros


Pro League (rank 17-32):

1st Place - 100 euros

2nd Place - 50 euros

3rd Place - 25 euros


Expert League (rank 33-48):

1st Place - 50 euros

2nd Place - 25 euros


Mini Tournaments:

1st Place - 25 euros


If you have any questions, please post and ask them in this topic.


In order to qualify or have a chance at the mini tournaments, post your nickname here


If you have finish in the top 48 of the RA2 quick match ladder you qualify to play in the tournaments.

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