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Bugs at CNC-COMM-Forums



Well, i think i found a bug, lol.


:arrow: when u sent a post u will be automatically referred to your post


:arrow: when u change/update your profile u will be automatically referred back to your user control panel


:twisted: if u change/update your signature under your user control panel it is standing at the referrer



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Maybe a new bug found:


if i am logged in to the forums, click near the bottom of the main page of the forums "DELETE ALL BOARD COOKIES", i will be automatically logged off from the forums.

Rejoining the forums, am not logged in.


Now the bug.

My name stands online in the WHOS ONLINE SECTION.



and an other issue:


it stands at the barracks forum that tore has last posted on it!

the "AWOS Status?" topic has been moved. and sys has posted at last there...

stands right in the AWOS Support section but not in the barracks, where this post has been posted at first.

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