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C&C Meets Star Wars website opened!


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Command & Conquer Meets Star Wars finally has a website again!




Ever since Gamespy shut down its free hosting, the C&C2SW mod has been without a website. But now, with the release of the 1.06c patch, and the subsequent rerelease of the mod (adapted to use the mod launcher system provided by said patch), it was high time for the old information pages to find a home again.


Banshee has kindly provided it with that home. The new site is located at cnc2sw.ppmsite.com, and I've taken this opportunity to finish the conversion of the site to PHP, and replace all old blurry JPG unit preview images with new PNGs.


New screenshot: (Godly-Cheese and me battling on CnCNet)



I also released a new version, v2.1, with a bug fix for a crash that happened when switching between theaters. This was probably caused by the huge amount of icon replacements in the mod. Instead of replacing icons, the mod now overrides the theater icon mixfiles.

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Nice! :) But I must confess that the "C&C meets Akira" article extra is what interested me most on your site :D (I remember when your site was down, there was some C&C-related conversation on another forum, and I wanted to give a link to the Akira article, and the only thing I found back then was an archived version at archive.org, with many pics missing).

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