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Issues with connection in multiplayer ra2 yr white screen issue



I've spoken with an admin, and he informed me I needed to post here regarding this issue.

I've been trying to get Yuri's Revenge to work for a friend of mine and I, but to no avail. 
I load the map in fine, I'm able to play the game. However, my friend only sees a white screen.

My screen tells me that she's loading into the game and everything, but she still sees nothing.

That is, until I quit out, upon which she gets the endslate. (You know, where you see how many kills you got, etc.)


Any ideas?

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Thank you jack im sure an admin will be in touch shortly about it. Please check with your friend that she has got yr through the windows firewall or through any other fw she may been using.Also could your friend send a screenshot of problem if possible?

The firewall should have command and conquer yuris revenge as the program to be allowed.

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