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Random freezing/stuttering every few seconds?



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11 hours ago, FunkyFr3sh said:

I installed the updater but it fails to update the drivers... I will look into why this is later. Are there known issues with Intel CPUs or hyperthreading? I'm currently running a 4930K on the X79 platform and I have limited the CPU affinity to one core, to no avail of course.

There is a thread in this forum, found here;


Which suggests a solution, but I don't understand it. The OP says it is due to running "TS" in the background... TS?

I'm not aware of any conflicting programs running in the background.

Any other suggestions would be great, while I figure out why my drivers aren't updating...



EDIT: I also use nvidia GTX980 graphics cards, which have been updated to the latest drivers if that's any help.

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Ok, so it appears I've found the solution to my problem. When the CPU affinity is set to anything other than "<All Processors>" the game stutters... however the setting in CnCNet which says "Force single CPU affinity" doesn't have any effect, the game loads with CPU 0 only by default, no matter what. This means I have to manually set the CPU affinity to use all cores manually every time I launch the game.

I suppose this is something to be looked into for a future update, maybe.

But for now I have a solution; an inconvenient solution, but a solution nonetheless.


Thanks for your help!

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