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C&C95 via Network with WIN XP x64 bit




a mate is running a XP x64 bit machine.

He cannot install the Westwood Chat client for C&C95.

If i host a C&C95 game via hamachi and/or Westwood Chat and/or via kali he either cannot run Westwood Chat or he cannot connect to to my hosted server for C&C95. As well...: hamachi is working for him.


Isnt Win XP x64bit compatible with the C&C95 network?


Red Alert works fine for him, for online play and via network... like kali.net!


Any ideas?


I tried much something with him to get C&C95 running via network, but.... something is wrong.

I think his system is the failure!


Please help! :wallbash:

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Hey its me the one thats having this problem but, Netrunners CNC95 doesnt work for others, i am going to download the 1st decade and try that, i can also say i would get windows xp 32 bit, if i only had a patch for it to read that i have 4 gigs RA. It ONLY READS 3, WHERES THE OTHER 1 :([/color:3fj74n1d]

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i have downloaded the official NOD and GDI cd which one do i use to install the game and please someone post a link so i can download up date patch, N3tRunn3r ive also got westwood chat installed using ur great full REDALERT when i click register i feel in the bits and it says server is down and i cant register pls help me on this :P THX[/color:fgqxklu5]

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U can pick one of the both cds to install the game ;)

If u c the 1.04/1.04a version on the bottom of the main menu of C&C95, u already have the latest patch installed. My FullC&C95 is at the latest version already as well... [1.04a]


Thx 4 using my FullRA303. :mrgreen:

well... but what do u mean with register?

u mean running the register.exe? If yes, dont run this to registrate yourself.... it is not working anymore...

Or do u mean to register yourself by the red alert internet-login-menu?


:arrow:If yes:


When Red Alert asks you to register yourself while u r inside of the login menu to the Internet of Red Alert... [u:pq5v1lon]click No![/u:pq5v1lon] So the registration by the WW Servers will be cancelled and u can easily put your name and a pass into the 2 fields, dont forget to apply the "Remember account" button. The XCC Servers/AWOS Servers will automatically recognize your account in future!

Thats all.



I gonna create a small tutorial for this with some pics, wanted to make it earlier.... but will be there soon :idea:


Well... U have also an other option:

U said u have already WWCHAT installed - WWCHAT is especially needed for C&C95 - run WWCHAT put your name and a pass into the 2 fields of WWCHAT, login and your account is saved for all C&C parts, except Generals and C&C3.

Simply login to Red Alert Internet Menu.


I hope i have rightly understood you O_O


Are u using the XWISC Tool?

If yes, run it and select "Reset WOL", cuz the AWOS' Red Alert Server is currently down... maybe thats why it tells you: the servers are down... hmmm.... try it out.


[i:pq5v1lon]Check this out for more informations about the XWISC Tool:[/i:pq5v1lon]


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