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Bug in C&C95 multiplayer; Players can control each others units!


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can explain much i have to go to work in 5 min heres a video of multiplayer 1vs1 on cncnet dont know how it happened but it was able to be reproduced 4 times and all of a sudden it stopped. the player on the other end was controlling me and i could control him but we were the same team. video speeaks louder than words if you confused i had lots of cell and fraps video proof. i was not controlling my building structures and fraps video showing my mouse in place on screen while buildings and units were moving around. C&C95bug



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While the section you posted in is sort off correct, there is a better place to post this. Moved to "Tiberium Series" Discussion


I've heard of this bug, but I've never encountered it.


By the way I've edited your topic title to be more descriptive ;)

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