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YR Community - please help us with a connection problem


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We're looking to narrow down why sometimes, games simply don't connect.

They are quite hard to trace down, but occur for an unknown reason right now. We're looking to narrow down the steps on how it happens so we can fix it, but we need some help.

What to look for?
As you can see below, there is clearly only one player who has loaded. This might be the host that see's this screen, it's unknown what other players see.


What to do when you see this happen to you?

  1. Do not start another game.
  2. Go to your CnCNet directory and upload spawn.ini, and spawnmap.ini files to this post.
  3. Also tell other players (ideally all) to also do the same and upload their spawn.ini and spawnmap.ini files.
  4. Note if you play another game and then upload the files, that is of no use. Please when the screen above occurs, upload your spawn.ini and spawnmap.ini files here before playing another game.

We need at least two sets of files from two players who were in the game.


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