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  1. Yup I was able to code it in, thanks 😎
  2. Thanks Reaper, I will try and highlight those changes in this post and in the YRR 2.0 Post 👍
  3. Awesome maps @CCCP84🙌, they will be played a lot 😎
  4. YR 8.3 Update High Level Changes Auto-Ready Bug fix Game Option for "No France/No Yuri" and "No Spy" YRR 2.0 Updates YR Client bug fixes Quick Match game mode update Map Pack Update Auto-Ready Bug Fix Auto-ready feature had a defect where players remained in 'ready' status even while in-game. This created an issue when the host left the game and players in-game were still marked as 'ready' in the lobby. Special thanks to @Starkku for this feature! New Client Game Options A large number of casual 3v3/4v4 players create rules where "Yuri and France are not allowed." This game option will enforce these rules by disabling these factions from being chosen in the lobby. Yuri/France cannot be randomly picked either, Yuri MCV is not obtainable via crate, and Grand Cannon is not unlockable via Tech Secret Lab. The "No Spy" option disables spies from being built. YRR 2.0 Rebalanced Update Thanks to everyone for their feedback on YRR 2.0 patch, the patch has been updated to address some imbalances and improvements identified by the community. See full changes here: Prism tank does not shoot while moving Tesla tank does not detect disguise Tank Destroyer damage to Terror Drones increased, Tank Destroyer turn rotation slight increase Robot tank HP buff removed, instead Robot Tanks will not go offline when low power Elite tesla tank now shoots a yellow bolt Walls have increased build adjacency and stretch YR Client Bug fixes Fixed client bug where you could not start a game with 1 player only, useful when testing and learning maps and not having an AI in the way Fixed client bug where Spot 9 was available on certain 8 player maps, bug fixed in MPMaps.ini generator tool Fixed a pathing bug on BR spot in map "Tsunami", fix provided by GerHale Fixed bug where Malaboo Bay would crash when capturing Einstein Lab and moved Malaboo Bay into Mod Maps since it is modded. Quick Match Game Mode The "Quick Match" game mode in the client contains all of the QM maps from the RA2/YR Ladder. This game mode reflects the QM ladder rules and settings. A new balance change has been added which prevents Allied Robot Tanks from going offline when low power. Yuri could disable all of Allied robot tanks with one disk on a power plant, or the Allied player using their force shield would cause their army to be unusable. This is to help address the strong imbalance in the competitive Allied vs Yuri matchup. Map Pack Update [2] Andalusia LE - Created by saremGTs, Ravage [8] Oceania - Created by @CCCP84 [8] Black Sea - Created by @CCCP84 [8] Storm - Created by @CCCP84 [8] X Isle by JaladTanagra [4] Tiburon LE by JaladTanagra [6] Big Grinder by MadHQ, Toveena, Ravage [4] Jungle of Vietnam LE - Created by DistantQ / Burg A larger version of Jungle of Vietnam repurposed for Yuri's Revenge QM Ladder. The intention of the map is additional map size and spacing in the paths which allow a better balance when facing Yuri. More opportunities to navigate the map and split your units to harass your opponent. [4] Caverns of Siberia by @DistantQ Minor updates made including relocation of bonus gem patches in BL,BR,TR spots and detailing updates and easier build stretch down cliff in BR spot to BR ore.
  5. I didn't edit any of "your" maps as you don't own any maps in the ladder. Your development process is not very effective as you refuse to work with others, see the previous Yuri Rebalance patch and see its lack of success. The YRR 2.0 patch is a community effort, not driven by one person. You were banned from the YR discord after excessive toxicity and flaming, funny you know that you were banned since actually you left then ultimately tried to rejoin as you usually do. Try and improve your communication skills without resorting to personal insults and you may help the community get better 😊
  6. Pushing a fix for this in the next update
  7. burg93

    Pls Help

    Download and run https://cncnet.org/yuris-revenge#download
  8. The issue with Ravage edits is he does take ownership of the map, when it is not his map at all. In the last year myself and the YR QM team edited Heck Freezes Over and Malibu Cliffs, very minor tweaks to help balance for QM. I certainly didn't put my name on the map. Ravage yelled and screamed at me that I edited "his" map. So I agree with @CCCP84 My main issue with your maps @CCCP84 is that you edit the units and add mods into your maps. You put incredible detail and thought into the map, but then you start editing the range and speed of units without any warning to the players that you have edited the units. I would suggest to leave the units and gameplay alone and focus on changing the map. With the unit changes you provide you should at least provide a Briefing tag. 😃 I would love to add your maps to the Battle section in the YR client but without any unit mods.
  9. Patriot missile accuracy has been increased in YRR 2.0, this is a helpful buff. @xe3 mentioned having a "no spy" option I think this would be good to have as an option. I like the suggestions from @Cicasajt , I like the suggestion of robot tanks not requiring power as you are right if Allies use force shield or if 1 yuri disk drains a power plant, all their robot tanks go offline. They are almost unusable unit at that point. Prism tanks having shoot-move isn't necessary either I agree with majority it is not needed. We definitely want to focus the patch on Quality of Life improvements so I would definitely want to remove unnecessary changes.
  10. This is an optional patch you can turn on or off in the game lobby....
  11. Download and run the installer https://cncnet.org/yuris-revenge#download
  12. burg93

    Cant download yr

    Download and run https://cncnet.org/yuris-revenge#download
  13. Look in "Standard", the QM maps are installed there. Or search in CnCNet Map Database Search
  14. burg93


    download and run Download and run the installer https://cncnet.org/yuris-revenge#download
  15. Download and run the installer https://cncnet.org/yuris-revenge#download @IzYOnE
  16. I see you are on CnC-DDraw this should be good, but if you are having issues try a couple others
  17. You may need to do a re-install https://cncnet.org/yuris-revenge#download
  18. try a different renderers in CnCNet client options > renderer
  19. burg93

    Update 8.1 error

    Hi you will need to re-install the client https://cncnet.org/yuris-revenge#download Sorry for the inconvenience but the update should be worth it
  20. You will need to re-install the YR client https://cncnet.org/yuris-revenge#download
  21. Hi @Oattiesz you will need to reinstall the YR client https://cncnet.org/yuris-revenge#download
  22. Hi can you post a screenshot of your error?
  23. Good catch on the robot tank and great suggestions! Feel free to join the Yuri's Revenge discord as well https://discord.gg/MDePmm6ZP3
  24. Hi @GretaThunbergIsEvil unfortunately you will need to do the re-install. Don't uninstall your current client, but re-run the installer and install on top.
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