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  1. I am requesting that this tourney start at the beginning of april and be done by the end of april. I travel april 24-may 1, and quix will shortly after leave for a few months. i'm willing to be around to help stream games as long as they're planned properly. No reason a tourney should take any longer than 3 weeks
  2. you don't need a serial to play on cncnet
  3. there is a lot more involved than just speed
  4. this kinda thing (making a forum post about FFA extra small complaining about what players are doing) is exactly why ppl do it. If you don't want that type of game, then dont host that type of game...and dont complain about every little event on forums
  5. I answered the same way for both - but i think some people interpreted the second question in a different way. They probably are alluding to the fact that more strong players would be playing in qm if yuri was not there, thereby making qm more competitive.
  6. you can either check these forums to see if anyone has uploaded that map or ask around in the general chat after you click custom game to see if anyone has it.
  7. Gun_Man

    QM error

    yeah...I'd like to start qming to get better at 1 v 1. Hopefully my error can be solved simply
  8. Gun_Man

    QM error

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0uBRvZiYls&t=380s about 75% of the time lately I've been getting this error. It is time stamped correctly cuz i had to wait quite a while for a match at this point. I have already tried changing renderers and that does not fix the issue. Anything you need to help diagnose? The games are registered at 3 seconds long with a loss for me.
  9. I don't qm much, but i have 3-4 times a month at most. From what I've seen, there are a LOT of inexperienced players playing as yuri because they see how op it is and are smart enough to realize that (takes about 10 iq). The reason you see so many iraq players winning and playing is because it's one of the best counters to yuri. And most players who dont stoop to using yuri use iraq for that reason. As a reply to the above, I want to point out that using cncnet ladder statistics is literally idiotic for ANY faction...it is such a small pool from which to derive statistics that it's not a good idea to use win percentages as a measure for a faction's power. Not to mention all the ra2 pros joining up to cncnet who almost all use iraq. Like i mentioned above, inexperienced players use yuri because it's so blatantly obvious how overpowered the faction is. This drives down the yuri win percentage heavily. Most importantly to Yuri sympathizers, it's not nearly as much about knowing how to play vs the faction as it is how overpowered it is. Your OWN CREATION mx is proof that you yourself agree with this fact. Also watch any stream by any yuri player....3 apm. The sov playing vs them? yeah.... But as for the main point of this thread...multi engi would be a good step toward stopping laming.
  10. well from what i've read, he'd have to connect to two different networks to do this....which would be very sad
  11. it seems the issue has been fixed. I also had a problem with that when i first saw the pumpkin crates - had to click the tile below as sodswsov said.
  12. interesting...admin should make sure those nicks dont both belong to him
  13. I'll sign up [ET] for the tourney. Players will be decided before it starts. I don't mind dealing with the prize pool if anyone knows a trustworthy method to gather cash. I can make a forum post and have ppl post their donations and i'll verify with a like - that way we keep count...idk lol
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