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Cruiser ship - damage spread and auto-shoot


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Hey, RA fellows! Please help.

1) How do I mod the game so that cruisers automatically shoot enemy infantry? They currently have to be ordered to do that.

2) How do I increase the area damage of cruisers' shells? Tried setting "spread" variable in rules.ini but it did nothing.


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On 28/11/2017 at 1:50 AM, AndrewFord said:

It's hardcoded what targetting types the cruiser is allowed. (meaning it cannot be changed unless you modify the spawn.exe) The spread value changes the amount of damage and area of damage in adjacent squares, with a limit of 1 square distance.

Thanks a lot for replying! I checked everywhere in "spawn" and "rules" (identical files really) and nowhere is there any instruction as to infantry being auto-fired upon by the cruiser. Could you please tell me what line there does this?

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