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Download Lion's CNCDen & RADen MP maps, missions & campaigns


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Everyone know that Lion has retired from the community, and his websites have some of most quailty maps in them.

Most of you know that you can still d/l them the from the archive of CNCDen website but most of you do not know you can still d/l it from RADen as well!!

Here the links from archive of CNCDen & RAden websites:



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3 hours ago, a1nthony said:

RaDen was my favorite spot for downloading maps way back when, i thought they were over with... awesome find!

Me too, from time to time, I was looking for it by Google hoping someone is able to provide the maps by whatever means from the old RAden .

Then I found  an old post by Lion I think some time in 2010 saying he was transfering the maps from RADen to CNCDen because he couldn't access( perhaps as admistrator) to RADen then.

So this time I went to archive of CNCDen site, click the link to RADen on that site and it sent me to the archive of RADen site!!! :)

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