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Black screen if i return to window


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All is in the title :/

I'm on Windows 10, and if something bring me back to windows screen, then the game played become a total black screen. I can click, i can talk i can hear, but i can't see anything. it's a absolute black screen.

It's not a HARD problem, but if i receive a mail ; Missclick on the window's button (Besides of the ALt button) or any other source of a back-screen to windows, then the game launched is totaly lost. Even if i'm the absolute master of the game and if i'm winning a 3v1. It's a real stress in the hardest game or in longest game.

Does there's any solution to this? 'Cause When i'm playing in the dark (sometimes) i can't see any buttons on the keyboard, so the missclick is usual ... and then the entire game is failed and broken :/

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18 hours ago, Fusio said:

I don't even tryed on windows mode ... i can test, but it's a bit unconfortable to play like that :/
I'll see

So! i tried on windows mode, it works ... BUT: the window is bad as fu**

1: The window is little, i can't fullscreen (if i accept the option fullscreen, the 'border' of the game, for mooving on the map is the same as if it was the window's mode ... totaly unplayable)

2: Unless if i try to go on 1600X900 (window's mode) Every other rendering are windowed.

3: Because i have to launch on 1600X900, everything is very little and it's even harder to play xD Usually, i'm playing on 1024X768 ... and it already was a bit little (but easier to play due to mousse speed ...) So now every units are ... invisible maybe? xD No it's a joke but i can travel the whole map with only two screens, it can be usefull for hard-long strategy, but for the micro-managements it's just impossible :/

At last, the total black screen has disappear ...

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