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Help! Hotfix crash vista!

Guest BDavies

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Guest BDavies

Hello. I am using Windows Vista.


1. I have C&C95. I installed the update, and it works OK. I also installed cnet.


2. The network says "welcome to cnet".


3. There were no other players. I could not play.


4. I then installed the "hotfix".


Now, C&C loads, and then :


A. Locks up

B. Have to press C-A-D reset. / Program not responding. / End task.


Back to square one.


What do I need to do to get the hotfix working on vista??



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Guest BDavies

Well, did you install patch 1.06c before the hotfix?


Yes. I will re-do the install steps to make 100% sure everything went alright.


As a note, I did install 106c ontop of a Ultimate C&C GOLD SVGA. Then I used the hotfix.

Works with 106c but not with hotfix. Crashes it each time.


IF CD not in drive, asks for CD> Click OK > Crashes.

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Guest BDavies

OK. Have reinstalled as follows :


C&C Gold SVGA.


Then I installed the 106c patch.


Then WITHOUT the "hotfix" I ran C&C...crashed as before (Says C&C executable not responding  after C-A-D). So maybe it was not the hotfix after all,

but version 106c. I have run 106a before OK.

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