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Merry Christmas


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Merry Christmas everyone! I've decided to give back to the community and to C&C this year with a stand alone mission! Play as the Magi from the East to find the birthplace of the baby Jesus--but not before finding some gold, frankincense and myrrh! Of course those troublesome Romans are going to have something to say about all this. Don't give them an inch!

posted image

Download Link - YouTube playthrough

Hope that you all enjoy! :D

Notably this doesn't require C&C: Dawn of Tomorrow or anything like that. Works for the standard 1.06c r3 that everybody should have from Nyer's site! The changes you see are graphical only :cncsmirk:

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Haha whoops! Guess I missed that one.

Glad you enjoyed :D I'll organise some download zips soon and post them over on the graphics section (probably after filling the silo with oil properly this time and making some better icons for the new stuff)

Thanks on the airstrip too~ I actually spent a hour or two on it to make sure it didn't look too copy/pasted when I extended it. I should also edit the documentation and credit you for the refinery, I just threw it in from my main mod without thinking, my bad

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