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Shadow Generator Towers not working at times?!


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This is a bug report.

The Shadow Generator (is that the English name? Or is it Paradox Device?) Tower of the Allies is sometimes not working in multiplayer games. You know the tower with the spinning fork on top which creates a shadow so the enemy cannot see into your base. Sometimes it does work, sometimes not. And when it does not work, it won't work for the whole duration of the game. 

A fix would be greatly appreciated.


Fun fact - Though it doesn't work for me at times, the enemy apparently is able to build working towers in the same game where my own towers don't work.

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11 hours ago, FunkyFr3sh said:

It is indeed sometimes not working, I think it's related to low power (It doesn't recover after you build power plants)


But it could have been a spy too, spies look like your own units. If he managed to place a spy in your radar then you're screwed

Thank you for your kind reply.


Uhhmmm ... OK. When it does work and power runs low, and I build a new power plant, it always comes back to work alright.


The issue is really with games where it does not work at all right from the start - i.e. the black shadow does not show up on the radar.

Would that also be the case if a spy had entered my radar?

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