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Tiberian Sun - 2 player/1 AI FFA - 5th January, 2011 "A Winter War"


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Team 1 - Nod Assault


Team 2 - Pichorra


Team 3 - AI Lvl 2


Battle Report:


So in this game me and Pichorra were  having a ffa [free for all] with the AI as an extra element. So it started off very quietly with some small skirmishes and incursions. He had his titans and orca bombers and I had my artillery and stealth. :)


So like Nod do I did a few underground attacks with some apcs and teeth flamers killing some of his power and communication. Then again he was getting hit a lot harder by the AI than me though, but Pichorra was holding the AI firmly. Then I expanded in the northern territories and sent mass waves of infantry to assault his walls. His clumsy walkers were overcome by the 100s of foes falling upon them and so this was the result:




The GDI fortifications crumbed and nothing but smoldering craters remained. I then occupied his base. He had tried to flee but was cut down in a valley by stealth tank ambushes and artillery.  Then I decided the AI had to go an so I advanced and systematically took his base apart:




The conclusion of this winter war: A victory for NOD. In the name of Kane!


Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun - NOD Flag & Win





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