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[FIXED]Asks for CD, all drives have CDs though!


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I've downloaded http://www.cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=21 this pack and installed it.


I've renamed the .LCF files as needed. I've tried patching with RA303patch.exe.


But I still get a faceless box with an OK and Cancel button. Looking around on here it's something to do with the NOCD patch not working and needing a CD in the drive. I have GTA IV and F1 2010 in the real drives and I mounted an ISO into my PowerISO drive. I also tried disabling the PowerISO drive. Still nothing.


Using Win 7 64-bit here.


EDIT: Fixed. Reinstalled it all and it worked. No idea what was different.

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The 3.03 patch installer isn't meant for No-CD installs. It uses the TFD registry entries to detect if it is being installed on TFD, so RA+ obviously doesn't trigger that, meaning it does NOT install a NoCD exe on it.


There's really nothing I can do about that, besides maybe some dodgy workarounds like checking for main.mix in the folder.

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