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New Year, New Open RA, New Community Developments


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Since this is my first news post this year, Happy new year every one.


Open RA

First of the latest version of Open RA is now available for download over on there Web site.


This version contain lots of fixes and additions across the board Including:

  • A new improved map format
  • Crash fixes
  • Improving Harvester docking
  • Adding capturable Oil Derricks
  • Added more Different Bots (mp AI)
  • Better OSX support (as if you would want to use OSX)



A Beta version of the RA2 Map image rendering Tool has been posted Which 

contains may improvements of the original and Now supports Tiberian Sun maps!

(Please Note however this Beta version doesn’t come with a User interface and

is purely command line based!)


An example picture

Link to Topic At PPM



As I have posted here already, There was a Tiberian Sun patch which slipped under the radar

until now. It may surprise you to learn that one devoted fan has attempted to elongate the life

of Tiberian sun by undertaking the task of altering Tiberian Sun to be compatible with Ipv6 .

A link to the Topic I posted can be found Here

A link to the page and a beta version can be found there.

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