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Problems, cant see any match (fixed)



Hello People:


Well in the last two days i speaking and receibing help from Dude, Nyerguds, Daddypig, hifi godlycheese and more (sure i miss remember one :( , thanks to all for your time and patience!!) about my problem, it is, i can't see any game in network cncnet.




My ISP provider: 6mb DSL Orange

Router: Thompson Speedtouch 585v6




This is a list with all of steps I followed to try play.


I use C&C95 (Ultimatum pack).


Installed the patch 1.06C, and the hotfix (106c r1 hotfix1)


The cncnet archive: thipx32 in the C&C folder.


I create a cncnet.ini












After that, the main step, open the ports. I searched my IP and entered in the web navigator, into the menu of the router i find "game & Aplicatin sharing". UPnP is ON, and cncnet to be in the list, and Log on.





And here, the port open in cncnet aplication


Edit: after Godly-cheese helped me with teamviewer.





The windows firewall is off, and router too. The antivirus i try to desactivate and nothing.


When i enter in network cncnet, i can see the welcome menssage and my IP. In the lower "warning random port detected"



This is all, if someone can aport something welcome!! Thanks & regards.


Edit: Godlycheese helps me with remote assistance with the ports, sure this step is correctly done. (thanks man!!)


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