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Anyway to skip score screen?


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As the title says, anyway to skip the score screen entirely?


The reason is I'm playing on my Mac using a Wineskin, the game works just fine normally but when using cncnet client the score section lags to all hell so I need to force close the game to exit back to the client.

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1 hour ago, FReQuEnZy said:

Browse to your RA2/YR folder and open the configuration file called "RA2MD.ini" with notepad/text editor and add the option "SkipScoreScreen=Yes" under the "[options]" section.


Thank you, that was exactly what I was hoping for

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That's a new one to me, very neat. Score screen works fine for me so won't use it though. Back in day it used to be very buggy for me, but compatibility improvements have fixed this for me :D

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