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RA Singleplayer Map Bug


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Just when I think everything works properly, something goes wrong. :ranting:


For no obvious reason, the allied faction in my map is building soviet units. I've set the IQ to 5, and it's still building the units I've set it to via triggers (though I guess they're being blocked by the production of other units). Oh yeah, it builds structures which I never told it to. These are the only things stopping me from officially releasing it.


Things I think I might have done wrong:

-Allied house  = GoodGuy (couldn't find another house with a blue remap besides the MultiX houses) Turns out the right house is Greece... :dry:

-GoodGuy IQ = 5 [Edit] Turns out it was this, but it still doesn't explain why they were building sviet units...[/edit]




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Nyer, I think you misunderstood...

The AI is building the right units' date=' but does nothing with them.[/quote']


I am having no problems making the AI produce the units from the teams. However, the units in the teams simply sit in front of their war factory, doing nothing. (obviously not what I want them to do)

I know that I have the movement commands right, because at one point they did build the taems and the teams attacked me (though at that point I had other problems).

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Well, from what I know in C&C, the teamptype options themselves determine if a team's units are produced or not. The "Create Team" triggers determine when it'll use these units to form an actual team and execute the commands in the teamtype.


In contrast, a team that isn't set to be produced will be assembled from available units on the map when the "Create Team" triggers is fired.


and "Autocreate" is just an automatically repeating randomly-timed "Create Team" trigger with a pool of teams to choose from on each execution.

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