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Bot Removal?


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This is all I can suggest to deal with the botspam:


1. Upgrade to SMF 2.x series

2. Change the action=register and action=login sections of your php script so it does not read action=register and action=login. Bots look for these things when they do stuff. Simply changing it to something like action=usrrg and action=usrlgn will stop the bots from registering and logging in.

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Well, on a google search I found a reference to change the links in that file. Could be wrong though, been a while since I messed around on SMF. Another solution would be to find a mod that adds a form to registration. Then you could ask the question "Who first released C&C?" and the answer would be "Westwood Studios". Bots don't have the intelligence to read that.


EDIT: Like this.



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