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Alaskan Oil Spill [CnCNet] Map Needed

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16 hours ago, Grant said:

Thanks but I'm using this version of the game: <snip> (Before I used the "Win 10 Fixed" from TPB torrent but this one is better (no flickering —though I switched the ts-ddraw to the one by FunkyFresh) however this one has a modified weird Campaign —but I use it for Skirmish so..) I saved it in the ra2-yr (main) folder & also Maps\custom but it still doesn't appear in the game —maybe I should rename it to .yrm instead of .map ? I don't know I have a bunch of other custom maps I downloaded but they work. Or maybe I've just maxed out all the maps, I have hundreds. I might get the CnCNet version if someone posts the link. P.S: Nevermind I already had CnCNet Client Launcher installed in my current game, so I went back to it [& Alaskan Oil Spill map is already on it (that's how I found the map !)], I guess movies & campaign made me stop using it, but it's pretty c00.

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Remove link, -CnCNet Client already there
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