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IS THEIR ANYWAY TO TURN DOWN the beeps and joining n typing sounds?


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They are so much louder than everything else im trying to listen to music that is not always very loud even at full volume on you tube then I get these massive loud beeps and joining sound sin the cnc.net lobby.


Its a small potato thing but would be good to know how to turn them down or off, it is also an unimportant suggestion if there is no way to do that



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3 hours ago, Ferret said:


Here you go my dude!

1. Open CnCNet.
2. Login as usual.
3. In the top left, click Settings, then CnCNet.

posted image

4. Under Sounds, uncheck specific alerts you don't want to hear. Check the ones that you do.

 posted image

5. Click OK.

sweet cheers brother!! :)))




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