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How to I move all my favourite maps into a spare folder without breaking them?


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Ive got a load of unfinished maps, and favourite maps , and maps I made etc all in one folder my favourite folder.

I want to keep my favourite folder for my favourite maps and not for all the stuff im working on or have made in the past.

Ive made a new map folder to put all my stuff in.


But if I remember correctly, a long time ago when I tried to move all my maps like this it broke all of them and none of them were playable. I move them from one folder to the next by copy and paste and it didn't work!???


How do I move them in a way that works and keeps all my maps alive? (This will help clear up the system as I make a mess of the search function, have reduced that but will stop that now completely)


Also bonus question when you remove a map from your favourites (in game) does the map still stay alive does it just go back to custom folder or does it get deleted completely? (realistically speaking since I seemed to have noticed losing maps this way)



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