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Interview with Kia Huntzinger - the voice of C&C1 EVA


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The voice behind the Electronic Video Agent (EVA) was not artificially made. Indeed, it was preformed by Kia Huntzinger a voice actor for Westwood studios.


Kia was recently interviewed by The Gaming Liberty.com's Retro Player section


Retroplayer- How did you land your role as EVA in C&C?


Kia- I was working at Westwood at the time. One day Paul Mudra, the head of Audio, asked me to record some placeholder lines for C&C. We often used Westwood employees as placeholder audio during the game development process. Paul took me back to a very small room in the audio building -- I believe it was actually a closet that had been soundproofed. There was barely enough room for me and the microphone. We recorded a bunch of lines and luckily the team liked my voice and asked me to be the voice of EVA for the final product.


Just to add Kia was not the only actor in C&C that was directly taken from Westwood's staff. Remember Seth? He was played by Eric Gooch one of Westwood's concept artists!


Anyhow you can read the full interview here

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I remember reading some interview with her sometime ago. What was especially remarkable was the part about her future husband, who was a C&C fan, who asked her to say "Ion cannon ready" in her C&C voice, immediately after which he proposed to her :laugh:

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