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weaveR_v3-Tdshowdown 2v2


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Based on the popular Red Alert map "Rashowdown" TD maps have to be smaller than RA maps though so I could only fit half of the map and it ended up looking like an ass. The original looks like tits. We need more team maps most maps are either FFA maps or 1v1.

Has a few changes like 3x3 room for a line of Refinerys and another Construction Yard for all tech like Chem's popular HJK6 remix (another popular map originally from RA). I decided to do that because people were saying it was a GDI map. Still hard to beat turtling NOD players with a line of hard to shoot Oblisks though but you miss out on the middle tiberium if you don't base walk and claim the middle.

Try and avoid being scouted to avoid being nuke + ion cannoned or apachied. Chinooked engineers will also be a threat remember to protect your base too not just the entrance!

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I had the exact same idea ie import the most popular maps from ra1 and other rts games, I didnt start it though im glad you made it instead,you did a great job of fitting it into the cnc1 style and small map size which is tricky,  looking forward to playing this! Thanks Weaver!!

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