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CnCNet Tournament hosted by godly-cheese


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godly-cheese has announced a C&C95 tournament on CnCNet.


Welcome to the first CnCNet tournament ever! What this topic is about is really to get the tournament organized and ready for operation. We're are doing 1v1s. The tournament is going to be double elimination and it's exactly how it sounds. You lose once, then you get put into the losers' bracket and you have one chance to redeem yourself otherwise you're out of the tournament.


As for times and scheduling of matches. Both players will agree on a time in which their match must be played (mainly in the CnCNet IRC). If one player does not show after 20 minutes of scheduling, it will result in the player who did not show up to forfeit automatically. No excuses! If there is a problem of who you're matched with, tell a referee before the match happens. As for joining the tournament, the tournament is for fun, and it is free (of course).


Go to this topic for more information like how to sign up!

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