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Using Spacebar as a hotkey


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Hi I've just started playing TS and I noticed that the spacebar brings up the options menu. There doesn't seem to be a way to map the spacebar to any other function. I use it to scroll right in RA and would like to continue doing so. Is there a way for it? I've got such a habit of pressing it but in TS it sometimes brings up the menu and it freezes there for a while before I get to return to the game.

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You can edit the Keyboard.ini file and set whichever command to use key 32.

For example I've attached my Keyboard.ini. It includes a bunch of hotkeys that aren't even mapped by default.: Spacebar set to power mode, C = place building, V = repeat last building, W = waypoint, R = repair, T = Same type, Y = sell mode.


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