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Would the C&C95 and/or RA community be interested in a ladder that is tightly integrated to the C&C Comms forums.


This wouldn't be an automatic ladder in the sense of just playing a game and the results popping up here, but a ladder system that takes results in manually and shows the rankings.


The flow for a successful game would be around this:

1. Challenge a forum user in the forums

2. The opponent accepts the challenge in the forums

3. Game is played on CnCNet

4. Both input their results by using a button in the forums (win or loss)

5. Ranking is adjusted for both of them, displayed in a top list and possibly besides the forum avatar


There are a lot of different error/conflict scenarios that I don't go in yet. The point of this thread is to gather if players would be interested to use a ladder like this. There are also a lot of small things that can be done but the main point is if a ladder like this is worth the trouble and there would be players using it.

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