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  1. i stopped playing because i have too many problems on v3, viva v2
  2. I would like to be a Beta Tester. I played all of them and i agree they were good. Thumbs up
  3. Nice map. I have not beat it yet haha. Still i like it!
  4. really fun mission. A- Only because the AI goes after the bases on the other islands making it less challenging. Other then that i loved it, nice creativity
  5. I tried playing this alot. I dont llike it at all, plus i cant even beat it because i dont know what to do :/
  6. I Just Finished. Map is def better than the original. Ai player is much more competitve and action starts at a good time. They are much harder to rush, I had to mass obelisks just to keep them at bay! Great map!
  7. any updates or feedback about the skirmissh? Can somone add ai's or a nod version?
  8. Ive played most of the missions from that site, and i got to say they are very professional.
  9. Hi, i told a few people about this but some guy developed a skirmish mod only for GDI. Its like a mission but very close to the real thing. There are other great missions as well on the site, but some do not work. http://planetcnc.gamespy.com/View.php?view=TiberianDawn.Detail&id=79 Can anyone repliacate this for NOD? Thanks
  10. um, this mission is okay but i cannot depolythe MCV i get because u put so much damn treees on the map lol. I would remake it with less trees
  11. I just played.. 1. Mission is way too easy, before they even start to build i can take our their entire base with 2 stealth tanks. ( Their yard is exposed pretty hard. I took it over before they could do anything) 2. The triggers for them to start building and stuff comes way too late. They are messed up pretty hard if you attack early. 3. Try giving them another small base somewhere and adding more money bottom... Give them more units in the start to defend their base.. But was fun!
  12. yeah this mission is pretty hard and has no coordination, i spent like 30 times through trial and error to figure out what im doing, stioll not done with the mission either.. Another huge glitch, i stopped playing because when 4 units die i get a mission failed, they can be any units. I just made 4 mini gunners and 2 died and i get a mission failed......
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