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Tiberian Sun LAN Connection Lost


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Sometimes while playing Tiberian Sun with friends (TFD-Version and modified with TS Retro), I get a message saying "Connection Error" at some point during gameplay. I've read somewhere that it's supposed to be because one CPU is stronger than the other one and that setting the view to a black region from time to time should help. Unfortunately not this time. Any other ideas?


Edit: I've forgotten to mention that I also have that problem with Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert aswell. Also, Lan-Patches have been installed on all 3 games and all have the latest patches.

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The only CPU-related issue I can think of is dual core desynchronization, and that just crashes the game, it doesn't desync a multiplayer game.


It just means the game tries to run on 2 (or more) CPUs at the same time while it wasn't really made for it, and the CPUs don't run perfectly parallel, meaning the parallel processing doesn't match up and the whole thing crashes.


Anyway, you could always make sure both games run on a single core, to be sure. And make sure they got the right compatibility mode set.

Might be handy to know which system(s) you're on though.

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Check your network cables, it can be done by bad-quality network cables. As for wireless, well... Update your wireless drivers, and be sure there are no interference in the connection. I got problems like that with other routers that're running on the same frequence as mine one. I solved that changing the Frequency from 2.4Ghz to 2.1Ghz (or any other frequence you want).

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