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Hi all:

     For those who would like to communicate with some Chinese top players like CsOH, GAOKE, Jayaxi and Yes-clan and watch interesting videos from them, a bilibili account can make it easier!

Here is a registration tutorial:

posted image


1: Put the cursor on the grey circle, a box like the upper  click the blue link in the red circle,

2 Then you just need to fill in your nickname and password in the new page. And you need verification code from your cellphone(you can use a translator to find the chinese translation of your country, like USA---美国)。When it's all done, just click the bottom bar(注册), then you can subscribe and comment etc

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Thank you for the information. I am aware that there is a search function, but because most of us cannot type in mandarin, the videos with mandarin titles will be difficult for us to find. I think you should make a list of some good Bilibili channels with content that are not available on YouTube (I am sure there are many more than just the two that you have linked in your post). By the way, you forgot to add a link to the Bilibili homepage.

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