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Be honest what do you think about me? ☮


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Like player level, contend in my YouTube Channel , attitude, etc. Please don't comment if you don't know me, people that critic people that don't know say more about him that the guy he critics. 

I fell bad because my contend is not recognized and i invert a lot of money and time, i don't have donations like Bryan, except for around 10 donations in history of my livestream, were Dylan (monitor) and a guy from Great Britain give me around 90% of the money, so if my knowledge in YT business are not working for me, maybe i can teach real pro players, so they can recibe somethin for all the time and love inverted in Red Alert 2, so you are free to add me in Skype if you wan to ask something in private.  I recibe around 300 dollars from advertisements, per month. 

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