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  1. Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Malibu Cliffs LE Reconcile Offense Defense Hidden Valley LE Desert Island Golden State Fwy Let There Be Fight LE Proving Grounds Glowing Waters Glowing Waters All The Fury LE Let There Be Fight Jungle of Vietnam Bull Run Cold War (No Barrels) Coldest Peak Pacific Heights City Under Siege Poltergeist Hail Mary Country Swing Glowing Waters Dry Heat LE Death Valley Girl North Waves Malibu Cliffs LE Snow Valley Stormy Weather Heartland Poltergeist [Pro] Stardusk Divide and Conquer Official Tourn. Map B
  2. Streamers - mistermaster Bryan vahney zhasulan (based on time zone needs) 1 week to get the games in
  3. Just like last month, our top 4 will compete for the 50 dollar prize this month. I will send out the bracket and streamers by the end of the day hopefully
  4. Let there be fight - very very campy and 1 dimensional. Hail Mary - last 2 times I played it, I matched France. New heights - camp due with garrisoned buildings and race to the island and navy wins it. pacific heights - camp your islands, navy wins it. Tsunami - camp your islands, navy wins it. Essentially the maps where it’s sit till super weapons and navy destroy your enemy.
  5. if you had iron curtain, just camp till it’s ready and kill the bf(s). Deso the rest of his shit and call it a gg
  6. Congrats to the tournament winner - Marko At the end of August, we will be hosting the top 4 qm players tournament. Good luck
  7. QM End of Month Ladder Prize Tournament To give this tournament system a test run, we are going to go ahead and have last month’s top 4 players compete for the cash prize. The vote total so far is A – 3 B – 1 C – 2, therefore this month we will go with the round robin format. If we notice any issues during the tournament, we can adjust to fix the issues for the next one. Prize pool minimum is $25, any money donated by others for the tournament each month will be updated before the tournament begins so players know what they are receiving. Rules: Everyone gets 1 week to complete their tournament match-ups. (Sooner the better) Round Robin formatted Tournament, each player will have 3 series to complete. Each player is awarded 1 point per win in a series. Highest total points at the end wins. If a tie occurs between 2 players in the end, they will play a final series BO13 to decide winner. BO11 per series, once a series starts you must complete the series (unless agreed upon at the start of series and will finish later that day). Series must be streamed, if a 3rd party is not available to stream, a participant can stream. Streams can have no less than a minute delay. QM rules apply Each participant will submit their 7 veto’s per faction privately to me, and Martin (Ravage) or Ernesto (MustacheX) before the series begins. In order to eliminate chaos and confusion; you will lock in the faction you want to use BEFORE the map is generated. Once a map is generated, you cannot change your faction until that map has been played with the current selected faction. Host of the game (streamer) will receive both players veto list from either me or martin in order to generate the maps at random. (There will be no veto swap mid series) If a map is generated twice during a series before all available maps have been played, BOTH participants can agree to generate another map. (otherwise, you have to play what is generated) Participants for month of July: Rank 1 – DeepMind (Andy) with 1518 points Rank 2 – XxzxcuzxMe (Marko) with 1305 points Rank 3 – Zain with 1038 Rank 4 – Edd with 1012 points NOTE: If a player had multiple nicknames in top 4, the next highest ranked player is used.
  8. As Soviet you have a spy plane.... just time it right. Or Kirov, and use your brain when it comes to timing. And never click on the bf, click your rhinos way past the direction he will run. Also try to bait him by sending tanks away so he comes at you, then quickly head towards his bf. However if he’s good, he will have other tanks and all you can do is split and use your mobility as an advantage. With allies, Rockies all day as fodder....
  9. Well if your doing everything you can on the outside, then just keep doing what your doing bruh
  10. I think a little excercise and sun to get the endorphins to kick in never hurt anyone.
  11. Theoretically this should be possible.
  12. Clan ladder would make his game pop currently the way it is already with no other real needed changes for at least a while. Once that gets boring (would take awhile) then implement other tweaks to the system
  13. Before you mass prism, you have to have mirage and ggi ifvs in place to support you till your able to get enough for the final attack. 7-8 mirage with 5-6 ggi ifvs and a couple harriers picking off and mags or stray units, then you spam the prisms
  14. I wonder if there is a way to get a donation pool for tournaments and once we hit a certain number of donations, we set up tournaments. Whether it’s through twitch donations from streaming, and/or have a tournament donation located on the site and if we throw a 5 dollars here and there (doesn’t take much from a single person if enough people participate).
  15. Hey Martin, thank you for all the hard work and time you spent trying to help out the community. Keep up the good work and don’t let the backlash get to you. I don’t see anyone else following through with implementation of something that has made 1000s of players leave this game.
  16. I think they missed out on a huge opportunity not rolling out red alert 2 remaster
  17. There is no “average” yuri player.... There is either a good yuri player, or a bad one. Only time the “average” yuri players gets exposed as being average, is if it’s YvY. Otherwise it’s pretty basic and not a lot to work with. So any yuri player with basic common knowledge of the units can easily get the upper hand in early to mid games. Most players playing against yuri just want the shit to be over quick so they can enjoy an actual competitive match so they go for a certain move and if it fails they move on to the next opponent because time is valuable and every second playing a yuri troll is a waste of trying to accomplish a little bit of enjoyment from the game.
  18. So your 29-0 means your just better than the guy you pushed with? So you shouldn’t have lost to him on your other account? Unless..... anyways, explain your hypocritical analogy without being so condescending. Then while you are at it, go ahead and pretend like you have ever been relevant on this game? Then again maybe it took you more than 14 years to finally be decent with an overpowered faction.
  19. Did I complain about playing yuri? I just said wins will not be consistent against yuri trolls like yourself....
  20. Hard to be competitive when you get essentially not even a legit counted win when playing a Soviet or allied player, just to turn around and play yuri which is perfectly fine but your not gonna consistently beat the yuri trolls so you go to look at your win percentage because hell you steam role normal competition, just to find out your win percentage is 28 percent? Come on
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