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  1. A lot of people play together, but only a few tag a name anymore. Your looking at possibly 8-10 potential clans that I can think of currently.
  2. Ok sounds good, what's your contact nawb
  3. Nawb never responded to me so I'm still looking for a partner ATM
  4. But I would like to add, since we're all in the giving spirit.... Prep come back for the 2v2 turny and partner with me for old times sakes since I'm still in drake on Xwis
  5. Ok I'll pay the 250 to aufruler tonight and he can distribute it to the winners if Marko and sunny want to finish this 1v1 turny
  6. What was the payout for the turny?
  7. ...

    Yeah I went back and read all that crap a while back, we were sick haha
  8. ...

    i remember you also - SUPPPPPPP ! Haha what's up Adam, we were crazy back in the day with all the flame wars
  9. ...

    Known mostly for koreamigx back in the day
  10. Map #1 Heck TvB Map #2 Heck Corners Map #3 Heck LvR
  11. ...

    I can partner with ya nawb if you want
  12. ...

    Could just get people to sign up and kink or ruler generate random teams from the list of people. Some players formed that chemistry with their partner years ago.... Makes it hard for others to ask a random person to all the sudden play with them against guys who have been together for a while. But that's just my 2 cents, I'm down if I can find a partner
  13. This is not a flame war Alexis
  14. I'll be on in an hour if Korc is ready
  15. Yeah because I leave at 3 so that gives us an hour to get the game in. If not then I get off in 10 hours and I can get one in before I go to bed