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  1. Question: YR Quick Match Map Pool

    There should not be a veto option, it should have set game settings that are a constant. Then a map pool, and from that map pool based on what factions are being used will determine the super weapons being random or indefinite. QM is meant to test people....
  2. Question: YR Quick Match Map Pool

    Yeah I referenced your xwis post to show him an idea of what we were doing with maps and how what faction a player chose had a lot to do with what maps could be generated etc. I preferably would like to see the newer maps and maps that are popular which could be pulled from game logs etc. But if there is anything I can help with to make it easier for y'all programming, just let me know.
  3. Question: YR Quick Match Map Pool

    @dkeetonMe and prep fully understood what you meant, which is why we were trying to explain to you that no scenario in qm should have units or crates. Maps and SW scenario is how you should write it up, but we shouldn't be allowed to pick what map we want or if we want supers or not. It should be based on what faction the players have choosen and what map was generated for the game.
  4. Question: YR Quick Match Map Pool

    No I understand what your saying, but it just seems like more work for y'all to create, and more complex for players. When someone creating a custom rank game is the exact same thing as picking a scenario for those who want to do that, if you want the excitement of random maps then have a random map generator or something for the custom game. I just don't want things to be complicated and turn off a lot of players who are extremely and anxiously awaiting the arrival of the qm and rank function.
  5. Question: YR Quick Match Map Pool

    Well if you get starting units, let's say I'm allies and your sov for starters.... I don't have quite the TC you have and you just run all your units in and kill my tanks (due to weaker tanks and less range or a nicely placed fodder) games over before I can even get a pill box or dog out. Not to mention yuri infintry being a lot better than others would allow the same thing. And last but not least, on certain maps it would make scouting your opponent not even plausible which is a very serious part of the competitive gaming aspect.
  6. Question: YR Quick Match Map Pool

    Ok I see what your saying, but the more options you give might complicate matters and give less players to play. Idk maybe I'm biased because I've been crate rushed or early unit vet rushed 1 too many times in a regular game to think it should even be an option in qm where people play and gain knowledge and skill by qming the people in or around their points. Plus it might be easier to just give the option of custom games that are ranked where they can pick what they want and someone joins the gas and accepts the game settings, then play qm to get the standard 0 units, no crates, short game on, and supers as a possibility based off of map balance and faction balance.
  7. Question: YR Quick Match Map Pool

    I completely agree with the map pool being too big for he newer players, but the list at least gives us a starting point to expand and work off of. I love the newer maps, so a combination of both with rotating the maps would be nice like you said. But that being said, the people who choose yuri will have limited maps to pick from on a small map pool and will actually get better at those maps since they will play a small list more often, which in turn might be a game changer for a same skilled guy who is playing way more maps.
  8. Question: YR Quick Match Map Pool

    This is what was on the most updated/balanced map pool for yuri qm. Biggest thing was anytime a yuri faction was played, there would never be a water map do to the boomer being a huge disadvantage. But there has since been maps added that are worthy of qm which that list and anymore maps made that can be added and tested for balance with factions by 2 players of a similar skill set.... And I see hammer and sickle for all which yuri would be a pretty hard one to beat with sovs especially if they got the island.
  9. Question: YR Quick Match Map Pool

    I believe giving starting units and crates in a true quick match scenario takes away any credibility for the ladder system. But to compensate for those who do enjoy that style of play would be to have a custom ranked game version like ra2 has which the host picks map and settings and when someone joins they can accept and play, or can leave and go to the true quick match game. As for balancing the game out, if it's getting too complicated then just leave supers on always. But if possible, just make any game with a yuri faction involved be "supers on", then after that decide which maps need supers and which don't, that way it takes the whole AvS SvS AvA random generation stuff out and more generalized based on the map being generated. If you want kind of a mock drafted map pool I'll give you one here in a bit....
  10. How many clans are there on CnCNet?

    A lot of people play together, but only a few tag a name anymore. Your looking at possibly 8-10 potential clans that I can think of currently.
  11. 2on2 Tournament Information and Sign Ups

    Ok sounds good, what's your contact nawb
  12. 2on2 Tournament Information and Sign Ups

    Nawb never responded to me so I'm still looking for a partner ATM
  13. *** 1v1 TOURNAMENT YURI ****

    But I would like to add, since we're all in the giving spirit.... Prep come back for the 2v2 turny and partner with me for old times sakes since I'm still in drake on Xwis
  14. *** 1v1 TOURNAMENT YURI ****

    Ok I'll pay the 250 to aufruler tonight and he can distribute it to the winners if Marko and sunny want to finish this 1v1 turny
  15. *** 1v1 TOURNAMENT YURI ****

    What was the payout for the turny?