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Problem with Yuri's Revenge and First Decade patch


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I just installed the First Decade 1.03rev4 patch (on WinXP SP3), hoping it would solve a problem where RA2 would crash when loading a saved game.


Now that I installed the patch, Yuri's Revenge won't run at all. RA2 (without Revenge) still works though.


When trying to run Yuri, the launcher disappears but nothing else ever comes up. By looking at the XP Task Manager I can see that there is a RA2MD.exe process that gets started (and is using 76K), but nothing ever comes up on screen. If I kill this process the launcher returns.


Is this a known issue?

What is the easiest way to get back to the original exe file from before the patch?




Additional News : This morning AVG anti-Virus identified the RA2MD.exe file as being infected and quarrantied it!

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Odd... though it seems more like either overzealous antivirus behaviour or an actual infection of your files. The actual patch is clean.


I do have a page to clean up TFD manually; it's basically the same as the 1.03 patch but without the no-cd patches for RA2 and TS, so maybe that'll help you. It does mean you'll have to reinstall completely though.


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Well, apparently it was an overly excited anti-virus program.


I restored the RA2MD.exe from quarantine, and told AVG to ignore the file, and now it works fine.


AVG thought it had a virus of type "Unknown". Strange in that I haven't had AVG do this on anything before, but it's all good now. Thanks.

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