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Red Alert v3.03 - Chat Commands (Internet Lobby)


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There are many chat commands for Red Alert. But they only work in the 3.03 version and only in the Internet lobby of Red Alert.


At 1st i gonna show u the commands

At 2nd how to enter them

At 3rd a pic for better understanding


And here we go:


groans, groaning, dies, dying, groan, died, whines, whining, bitching, whine, shoots, shooting, shoot, shot, explodes, exploding, explode, exploded, boom, nukes, aye, ok, yes, yeah, incredible, adam, Adam, coming, on my way, moving out, water, charging, powering, zap, zaps, torpedo, torpedoes, appears, surfaces, emerges, bark, barks, growl, growls, chronoshift, disappears, crumble, crumbles, collapse, collapses, sell, sells, cash, money, heal, heals, missile


...you see, there are 57 commands and in my opinion these commands "replace" smileys in the Internet lobby of Red Alert... hope u understand... well, lets go to the 2nd step: how to enter them.



i just give u an example with 1 command. The other commands are similar to be entered in the INET lobby:


it is important to add "2 less" and "2 greater" symbols before and after the command.

Looks like this:




After typing a command click the "Action" button at the right corner on the bottom of the Chat Menu. Click with your mouse the Action button and your command is sent....



And now a picture to better understand this all:

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